The history of our school

  • Ladislav Kucera The beginning of a secondary school in this town reaches to the year 1954 / 1955 when the first grade of the secondary school in Moldava nad Bodvou with eleven grades was opened. Its first headmaster was Ladislav Kučera (on the picture on the right).
  • zväčšiť obrázok The school had classes which were teaching either in Slovak or in Hungarian languages because the surrounding of Moldava is a place with mixed nationalities. The first students graduated in the year 1957. The school got its own new building in the year 1958 where its seat can be found until today. In 1961 the school’s name was changed to Generally educating school with Slovak teaching language.
  • Michal Bojko An important day in the history of the school is 1st December 1970 when the deed of foundation about the beginning of the secondary grammar school in Moldava nad Bodvou was issued. The Slovak grammar school in Moldava nad Bodvou became so independent with its own directorate. Michal Bojko was charged to lead the school. Until that time the mentioned school had a common directorate with the elementary school.
  • zväčšiť obrázok From 14th until 16th June 1973 the first matricular examination was held in the last grade of the Generally educating school. Since that time the school has been preparing the students in four-years-lasting grammar study which was divided into a human branch and a branch of natural science.
  • Since the school year 1979/1980 all the classes of the grammar school have been oriented on subjects of natural science. At the end of the eighties teachers tried to create conditions for teaching IT. The building of the IT laboratory and the collecting of IT equipment started. The leadership of the school also decided to build laboratories for geography, machine construction and languages.
  • zväčšiť obrázokIn December 1994 it was decided about the establishment of a grammar school with eight grades. On 1st September 1995 the Ministry of education of SR classified our school into the net of grammar schools with eight grades which have an orientation on biology and chemistry.
  • Another turning point in the history of our school was 18th September 1998 when the school got from the Ministry of education of SR the honourable title „Gymnázium Štefana Moysesa Moldava nad Bodvou“ according to the successes in different competitions and olympics and excellent educational results which the school has achieved since its establishment.

The school has existed as a grammar school under the leadership of the following headmasters:

  • JK...Ján Kováč, 1970-1971
  • MB...PhDr. Michal Bojko, 1971-1991
  • AV...PhDr. Anastázia Vavríková, 1991-1996
  • LH...Mgr. Ľubomír Hiľovský, 1996-2000
  • JR...Ing. Jozef Reblán, 2001-2004
  • JF...RNDr. Janka Fulínová, 2005-2009
  • ZB...RNDr. Zuzana Borovská, since 1.9.2009