Okrem cetifikátov kvality možno projekt prihlásiť aj do súťaže o najlepšie projekty:

  • Cena eTwinning (celoslovenská súťaž)
  • European Prizes (ocenenie najlepších projektov na európskej úrovni)

Získali sme tieto ocenenia:

Cena eTwinning 2021

3. miesto v SR v kategórii SŠ

Cena eTwinning 2020

1. miesto v SR v kategórii SŠ

Cena European Prizes 2019

Runner Up (2.miesto) vo vekovej kategórii 16-19

Cena eTwinning 2019

1. miesto v SR v kategórii 13-19

Cena eTwinning 2018

1. miesto v SR v kategórii 13-19

Cena European Prizes 2018

Cena za projekty realizované v anglickom jazyku

  • za projekt E.T. call Europe
  • prebiehal od septembra 2016 do mája 2017
  • realizovali ho študenti I.A a V.OA
  • stránky projektu
  • ďalšie informácie o udelení ceny
  • z hodnotenia projektu vyberáme:
    • Why should this project be recognised?
      Really well organised and motivating; high quality look and feel to the TwinSpace. Learners were pushed to discuss strategies for the future covering topics such as co-housing, collaborative ways communities can work together in the future, pollution, technology and the learners were engaged and kept focussed on topic.
    • What distinguishes it from others in terms of quality?
      Visually and the way this project was planned and delivered put this TwinSpace head and shoulders above the rest. The TwinSpace is set up with missions, activity deadlines are really clear on the site and the use of gaming badges and points is really well done. Tasks push for higher level thinking and in depth use of English. For example, learners have to give reasons for and against arguments, they have to discuss reasons, consequences and solutions (tricider.com is used really well for these tasks). Tasks also encourage reflections from the learners on what they have learnt.

Cena eTwinning 2017

1. miesto v SR v kategórii 13-19